I have always been fascinated with light, the camera, and capturing the beautiful side of life and as a little girl saw the beauty in big fluffy clouds in the sky, I constantly watched my father with his camera as we traveled around Europe, while a teenager (that is where my interest grew) I continue to discover different ways to look at the world, and try to see the beauty in everything.  I’ve shot everything from Maclean’s magazine, to having represented Canada in a traveling photo show that toured the world, with my images of Prince Edward Island representing the beauty of our country and it’s landscape.

I’m a graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto Canada, which I attended from 1991-1994. 

I have been fortunate to have several photographic shows in and around Toronto. I have been working with couples doing engagement and wedding photography.  I've traveled most of the world, and have photographed people from Margarita to Hawaii.   Mystical Images specializes in Wedding Photography and Special Events.  I still continue to see the beauty that surrounds us and love to make brides feel like princesses and enjoy meeting and working with couples beginning their life together.

I have also been published in Macleans magazine, and have shot several commercial works, I've also represented "The Toronto Film Festival" with postcards for the Bistro 990.  I'm planning a new show sometime during the next several months.